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The GLAS scheme has been introduced this year to replace the previous agricultural environmental schemes REPS and AEOS. The scheme a 5 year plan has a variety of goals, amongst them the preservation of the traditional landscape, protection of wildlife and the preservation of traditional species.

Plant up to 200m of Hedging by 31st March 2017
Objective: To establish new hedgerows on farms to increase biodiversity, to enhance the visual landscape and to help protect water quality.

  • Plant 6 plants per metre in a double row of whitethorn and/or blackthorn and/or holly by 31st March 2016.
  • The minimum linear length that must be planted is 10 metres and this must be in a single continuous length.
  • The maximum length for which GLAS funding is available is 200 metres per holding.

Plant between 250 and 450 Native trees before 31 March 2017
Objective: To encourage the planting of small groups of trees to provide a valuable pocket habitat and opportunity for carbon sequestration

  • Establish a grove of native trees in a single location only, i.e. you cannot plant the trees in a number of locations in a LPIS parcel or field.
  • Minimum area of 0.05 ha with 250 plants and maximum area of 0.09 ha with 450 plants. The plants must be a minimum of 40cm tall when planted
  • Trees must be planted in rows 2 metres apart with a distance of 1 metre between the plants within the rows.

More information on the GLAS scheme can be found on the Department of Agriculture website by clicking the below link