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Catch Crops

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Catch Crops

(Green Cropping)

A catch crop is a crop grown on land that would normally remain fallow in between normal crop rotations.

None-So-Hardy has approximately 100 acres under catch crop at any one time. Our favoured catch crops are oats, barley or mustard.

There are many advantages to growing a catch crop including the following:

  • Protection of soil structure against erosion from heavy rain
  • Help in alleviating soil compaction
  • Adding of organic matter to the soil
  • Help in preventing minerals being flushed away from the soil (i.e conserves leachable minerals)
  • Can sometimes add minerals to the soil (e.g. nitrogen)
  • Can help increase yield and quality of crops
  • Encourages wildlife habitats such as butterflies, bees, birdlife etc.