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Please select from Broadleaves listed below (All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT @ 13.5%):

Acer Platinoides – Norway Maple

Norway Maple is a deciduous tree growing to 20-30 m tall with a trunk up to 1.5m diameter, and a broad, rounded crown. The autumn colour is usually yellow, occasionally orange-red.

  • Size: in cm 50 – 80
  • Price: €450.00 per 1000 (min qty 50 trees)

Acer Pseudoplatanus – Sycamore

Sycamore is a large deciduous tree that reaches 20–35 m tall at maturity, with a broad, domed crown It is noted for its tolerance of wind, urban pollution and salt spray, which makes it a popular tree for planting in cities, along roads treated with salt in winter, and in coastal localities.

  • Size: in cm 50 – 80, 80 – 120
  • Price: €440.00 per 1000 (min qty 50 trees)

Alnus Glutinosa – Common Alder

Common in wet ground, marshes and stream-sides. Rounded leaves are light green. Flowers green catkins (Feb – March) that become black when ripened a year later. Fast growing. Grows to max of 20m Timber uses include woodturning and charcoal.

  • Size: in cm 40 +
  • Price: €350.00 per 1000 (min qty 50 trees)

Betula Pendula – Silver Birch

Silver Birch has a silver-grey bark, oval leaves with pointed tip that turn yellow in autumn. Fast growing grows to 20-25m. Silver Birch found mainly on dry, sandy soils.

  • Size: in cm 40 +
  • Price: €350.00 per 1000 (min qty 50 trees)

Betula Pubescens – Common Birch

Common in damp areas. Young branches are bigger than silver birch and have grey bark often covered with lichen and moss. Slower growing than silver birch. The leaves are oval with a pointed tip and finely serrated margin Grows to 15-20m.

  • Size: in cm 40 +
  • Price: €350.00 per 1000 (min qty 50 trees)

Corylus Avellana – Hazel

A small tree or shrub. Hazel is commonly found in hedgerows or as part of the understory in oak and Ash Woodland. The nuts are much sought after food source for wildlife.

  • Size: in cm 40 – 60
  • Price: €450.00 per 1000 (min qty 50 trees)

Crataegus Monogyna – Whitethorn

Whitethorn our most common hedgerow plant. It puts on a stunning display of white flowers in spring and red berries in Autumn. Is also suited to forming stock proof hedges.

  • Size: in cm 50 +
  • Price: €350.00 per 1000 (min qty 50 trees)

Fagus Sylvatica – Beech

Beech is a large tree that can grow to 40m in height. Oval leaf with wavy edge. Very well suited to forming a hedge and although deciduous the hedge will hold the brown leaves over the winter. Not suited to heavy damp soils.

  • Size: in cm                50 +             80 – 120
  • Price:  per 1000       €600.00        €800.00 (min qty 50 trees)

Fagus Sylvatica Purpurea – Copper Beech

Copper Beech is a variety of European beech with shining purple or copper-colour leaves. Again suited to forming a hedge and not suited to damp heavy grounds.

  • Size: 40 +
  • Price: €2.50 each

Quercus Robur – Pedunculate Oak

Oak is a common tree in Irish woodlands. Can grow to 40 meters. Leaves are lobed and shorter than those of sessile oak. Acorns are a valuable source of food for wildlife habitats. Produces long lasted durable wood used for furniture.

  • Size: in cm 50 – 80
  • Price: €450.00 per 1000 (min qty 50 trees)

Prunus Avium – Wild Cherry

Prunus Avium, our common cherry, also known as wild cherry, The 5-petalled white blossoms are long-lasting throughout April and May, followed by the fruits in July.
Unhampered by surrounding growth and planted in fertile, moist soil, this deciduous, open-branched tree grows quickly to 15 metres tall, often reaching up to 25m tall.

  • Size: in cm 50 – 80
  • Price: €450.00 per 1000 (min qty 50 trees)

Quercus Rubra – Red Oak

Red Oak is native of North America. Straight, tall trees that grow rapidly and are tolerant of a wide range of soil types. Provides beautiful autumn display of vibrant colour.

  • Size: in cm 50 – 80
  • Price: €480.00 per 1000 (min qty 50 trees)

Sorbus Aucuparia – Mountain Ash (Rowan)

Rowan is a small deciduous tree. Leaves are divided into 5-10 leaflets; they are long and narrow in shape. Common in upland and waterlogged areas. Bountiful display of red berries in the autumn perfect for wildlife.

  • Size: in cm 40 +
  • Price: €340.00 per 1000 (min qty 50 trees)

Tilia Cordata – Lime

Lime is a large deciduous tree that can grow 25-30 meters tall. Small yellow-green flowers are produced in early summer. It’s Flowers are a favourite with bees.

  • Size: in cm 40 +
  • Price: €550.00 per 1000 (min qty 50 trees)