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Feathered Whips

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Feathered Whips

Please select from Feathered Whips listed below (All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT @ 13.5%):

Acer Campestre – Field Maple

Field Maple is a small to medium tree of rounded form, leaves turning yellow in autumn. Position: Sun or partial shade, thrives in most soils. Eventual Height: 12m+

  • Size: 200 – 250 cm
  • Price: €20.00 per tree

Acer Platanoides – Norway Maple

Norway Maple is a deciduous tree growing to 20-30 m tall with a trunk up to 1.5 m diameter, and a broad, rounded crown. The autumn colour is usually yellow, occasionally orange-red.

  • Size: 250 – 300 cm
  • Price: €18.00 per tree

Acer Pseudoplatanus – Sycamore

Sycamore is a large deciduous tree that reaches 20–35 m tall at maturity, with a broad, domed crown. It is noted for its tolerance of wind, urban pollution and salt spray, which makes it a popular tree for planting in cities, along roads treated with salt in winter, and in coastal localities.

  • Size: 1 + 1
  • Price: €18.00 per tree

Alnus Cordata – Italian Alder

It is a medium-sized tree growing up to 25m tall. Good for parks and as a street tree, and also recommended for coastal plantings. It thrives on all ground including dry, high ph soils but is most at home nearest water, and grows rapidly even under very unfavourable circumstances. It is commonly grown as a windbreak.

  • Size: 200 - 250cm
  • Price: €18.00 per tree

Alnus Glutinosa – Common Alder

Common in wet ground, marshes and stream-sides. Rounded leaves are light green. Flowers green catkins (Feb – March) that become black when ripened a year later. Fast growing. Grows to max of 20m.  The leaves have shallow irregular teeth and remain on the tree quite late in autumn.
However, they do not change to any dramatic colours, but instead just darken and begin to wither before being shed in late October or November.

  • Size: 250 – 300 cm
  • Price: €18.00 per tree

Betula Jacquemontii – Himalayan Birch

A native of the western Himalayas, it makes a medium tree with ascending branches, and is also spectacular when grown as a multi-stem. The unsurpassed whiteness of the trunk and branches peels routinely each year. Excellent for urban plantings, it grows well on most soils. Its oval, dark green leaves turn golden yellow in autumn.

  • Size: 15 – 20 m
  • Price: €22.00 per tree

Betula Pendula – Silver Birch

Silver birch is the faster growing of the two birch species, and also the taller, reaching a height of up to 30 metres. In young trees the bark is reddish-brown, but this changes to white as they mature.
In general, silver birch has an overall drooping, pendulous shape to its branches, which gives rise to its specific name.

  • Size: 250 – 300 cm
  • Price: €18.00 per tree

Betula Pubescens – Downy Birch

Downy birch seldom exceeds 21 metres. The bark of downy birch is more greyish-white, with horizontal grooves on it and tend to be more upright in their growth form. The twigs are covered in small hairs or \’down\’.

  • Size: 2+1
  • Price: €18.00 per tree

Carpinus Betulus – Common Hornbeam

Common Hornbeam is a small to medium-size tree reaching heights of 15-25 m. Carpinus betulus is a shade-loving tree, which prefers moderate soil fertility and moisture.
The bark is smooth and greenish-grey, even in old trees.

  • Size: 250 – 300 cm
  • Price: €27.00 per tree

Castanea Sativa – Spanish Chestnut

A versatile and beautiful, fast growing, large tree, which is particularly attractive in early summer when laden with its male and female catkins. Its long, glossy leaves turn gold and bronze before falling in the autumn. It does best on reasonable dry, light soils, and is moderately lime tolerant.

  • Size: 20 m +
  • Price: €27.00 per tree

Fagus Sylvatica artro – Copper Beech

Copper Beech is a spreading tree with purple leaves, older leaves will be retained through the winter. Eventual unclipped height 25 metres. Grown mainly as a hedging plant, although can be used as a specimen tree in a large garden or park setting.
Grow in fertile, moist but well drained soil in full sun or partial shade.

  • Size: 250 – 300 cm
  • Price: €33.00 per tree

Fagus Sylvatica – Common Beech

The beech is a large deciduous tree and most specimens in cultivation are 40-60ft tall with a spread of 30-40ft. It is best suited as a specimen or shade tree for parks, golf courses, estates and larger home landscapes. Beech trees are not tolerant of salt, and they can be killed by de-icing salts used on roads.
Needs dry well drained ground.

  • Size: 250 – 300 cm
  • Price: €29.00 per tree

Prunus Avium – Wild Cherry

The Wild Cherry is a deciduous tree needs a lot of light, and is susceptible to frost damage in spring. They produce white flowers in May and red berries in autumn.

  • Size: 250 – 300 cm
  • Price: €18.00 per tree

Quercus Robur – Pedunculate Oak

Pedunculate Oak is a long-lived large tree with broad crown and heavy branches.  It has dark green, irregular, rounded-lobed leaves with clusters of acorns. Position: Full sun or partial shade, in any deep well-drained soil.
Eventual Height: 20m+

  • Size: 250 – 300 cm
  • Price: €27.00 per tree

Quercus Rubra – Red Oak

Red Oak is a large tree with broad spreading crown. Leaves when fully grown are dark green, in autumn they turn rich red, sometimes brown. Position: Full sun or partial shade, in most soils, but preferably in deep fertile loam.
Eventual Height: 20m+

  • Size: 250 – 300 cm
  • Price: €27.00 per tree

Sorbus Aucuparia – Mountain Ash

Also known as Rowan it is a fast-growing, short-lived pioneer tree in the rose family, Rosaceae. It is typically a small tree, reaching a maximum height of 10-15 metres. The greyish-brown bark is smooth and shiny when wet.
The flowers blossom after the leaves have appeared, usually in May or early June, and are creamy-white in colour. These give way to clusters of bright red berries in the autumn.

  • Size: 250 – 300 cm
  • Price: €17.00 per tree

Sorbus Intermedia – Swedish White beam

Swedish White beam is a medium-sized deciduous tree growing to 10-20 m tall with a stout trunk up to 60 cm diameter and grey bark; the crown is dome-shaped, with stout horizontal branches.
The leaves are green above, and densely hairy with pale grey-white hairs beneath. It is widely grown as an ornamental tree in northern Europe, valued for its tolerance of urban street conditions; it is very commonly used in avenues and urban parks.

  • Size: 250 – 300 cm
  • Price: €24.00 per tree

Tilia Cordata – Lime

Lime is a deciduous tree growing to 20-38 m tall. The small yellow-green flowers are produced in clusters of five to eleven in early summer with a leafy yellow-green subtending bract, have a rich, heavy scent; the trees are much visited by bees.

  • Size: 250 – 300 cm
  • Price: €24.00 per tree